Appendix A – Policy Checklist as used by the Done-Right! Rooter and Plumbing, Inc as approved by the Committee of the Board

A. General Policy

A-1. We have the right to pick and choose our jobs. It is our policy to not service customers who are hostile or abusive.

A-2. Estimate are only good for 30 days because manufactures raise their prices without notice.

A-3. Payment is due upon receipt. We accept checks, cash or credit cards (see Section M). We do not invoice.

B. Job Estimates

B-1. The definition of the word “estimate” as defined in “Black Law Dictionary” states the following: “ A rough or approximate calculation only.” It is our policy to provide a rough or approximate estimate over the phone. Estimates are not a fixed fee.

C. Augering Toilets

C-1. We can’t see what is inside the J trap of the toilet. We will auger the toilet which usually resolves the problem. However, sometimes augering is not good enough. The toilet needs to be pull and the J Trap cleared by hand. Either there’s a hard object or an object that the auger can’t clear. It is our policy, if we have to come back, to charge more for pulling the toilet as well as crediting our previous fee of 10% of the original labor towards the fee of pulling the toilet.

C-2. If there is a toy or similar large hard object in the J trap, we will not auger. We must pull the toilet to remove the object. If we push the object further down the drain, it’s just going to clog the main line, so that is why the toilet needs to be pulled.

D. Drain Cleaning Services

D-1. The initial price to unclog a drain line only covers the first 60 minutes. If the job continues after the first 60 minutes, we charge an hourly rate. Our plumbing technician must let the customer be aware of these charges before the job is started, and it must be in writing. Customer must have up front written prices before the technician begins the job.

D-2. The customer is charged for each drain line that is cabled. Cabling the 4” sewer line does not cover secondary lines that are clogged. Example of secondary line includes kitchen drain line, laundry drain line, shower drain line… any drain line that is 2” is called a secondary line. Example, a toilet is pulled to cable the main line which is either 3” or 4”. Once the main line is cleared, the toilet is put back. However, if the bathtub drain line is clogged, the tub needs to be cable as well, and the customer will be charged if the customer wants us to cable the tub drain line.

D-3. We do not cable residential storm drain lines because most storm drain lines are plastic (PE) corrigated pipe. Cable just eats up the pipe. Better to replace than cable.

E. Emergency Service Calls

E-1. It is our policy to provide emergency service calls. However, we will not abandon one job to service another emergency call. We take one job at a time. We only have so many trucks, and sometimes we get a high volume of calls. When this happens, we can’t make service calls in 60 minutes or less.

F. Garbage Disposal

F-1. It is our policy if garbage disposal is not repairable or cannot be unclogged, customer has a choice. Either the garbage disposal gets replaced at a higher price or payment is due in full amount for trying to unjam the garbage disposal. If garbage disposal is to be replaced, the original amount to unclog a garbage disposal is credited to the customer if we do the work.

G. Plumbing Parts

G-1. It is our policy to carry the most common parts used based on the common service calls. If for some reason the technicain needs to drive to a plumbing houe or store, it is our policy for the technician to be paid while driving and purchase the part. If the customer goes instead of the technician, customer still needs to pay for the technician’s time for standing by on the job until customer comes back from the store with the part.

G-2. It is our policy to carry high quality parts.

H. Scheduling Jobs

H-1. It is our policy to project when a technician can service customers’. Rather if it’s within an hour or three hours away. When a time is scheduled, it is our policy to give a 30 minute grace time for technician to arrive on site. We understand that customers have things to do as well. If a customer calls for service at 9:00am, and we can’t service them until 1:00 – 1:30, we will let the customer know up front.

I. Property Rentals, Apartments and Condominiums

I-1. We do service Rentals, Apartments or Condominiums

J. Toto Toilets

J-1. We do sell toto toilets on our web site.

K. Water Heater Repairs

K-1. We do not replace or service water heater repairs anymore.

L. Limited Warranty

L-1. It is our policy to provide limited warranties on all plumbing and drain cleaning service calls.

L-2. Limited warranty is void when customer has roots in the sewer line. Customer does not have a choice. Either the customer gets the sewer line repaired through us, or the warranty is voided. When a pipe has roots, it means the pipe is broken. We do not warrant broken sewer lines.

L-3. Limited warranty is void when customer has wipes or paper towels in the sewer line. Customer does not have a choice. Either the customer pays more to have the sewer line harben jetted by us to get a warranty, or the warranty is voided. Cabling does not remove wipes or paper towels. Only harben jetting removes wipes and paper towels.

L-4. Limited warranty is void if abuse is detected. Example, pineapple was placed down the garbage disposal after we had cleared the garbage and we gave a warranty.

L-5. Each sewer Line that is cabled, only receives a limited warranty for that specular sewer line.

L-6. Limited warranty is voided on all commercial storm drains if broken.

M. Credit Cards

M-1. Credit card companies charge businesses to run a credit card. Some customers pay by cash or check. To help keep our pricing down, and for those customer who want to use their credit cards, a back charge of 2% from the customer is added to the bill to cover the exact cost we are charged. To raise our plumbing fees over all to cover the cost for the ones who are using their credit card is not fair for the customers who are paying by cash or check.