The humble toilet, also known as: the loo, the bog, the porcelain throne, the John, the commode, the latrine, the oval office and our favorite—the great white buddha—is definitely the most appreciated piece of equipment in our bathrooms. However, people tend to admire other elements of the bathroom and overlook the toilet’s vanity. When it comes time to purchasing a new toilet, you must consider the importance of this amenity and avoid settling on just any toilet.

At Done-Right Rooter and Plumbing, our professional plumbers are in the business of resolving your plumbing needs and ensuring you purchase a quality toilet that can withstand the duties you expect from it. In today’s article, we have prepared a toilet buying guide to help you decide which toilet is right for your household and budget.


What To Consider When Buying A Toilet  

Whether you are remodeling your bathroom or you are fed up with the performance of your current toilet, then it’s time for you to take the plunge and purchase a highly dependable toilet for your household.


Here are the most important things to think about and decide first:


  • Will you need a one-piece or a two-piece toilet?

    What is the difference? A one-piece toilet has a low profile tank that fits conveniently under a countertop surface. One-piece toilets are smaller in size and can make a small bathroom feel more spacious. A two-piece toilet can save you a few bucks, as they tend to be less expensive than a one-piece. A major distinguishing factor of a two-piece toilet is the tank is bolted to the seat, as opposed to being built right in.

  • Determine the type of installation you will require.
  • Measure the space where the toilet will be placed in the bathroom.
  • Buy a trusted toilet brand like Toto, Kohler, or American Standard. These brands are the leading toilet manufacturers and Done-Right Rooter and Plumbing carries all three, as well as their parts should you ever encounter an issue.
  • Which toilet bowl shape do you prefer? A circular or elongated toilet?


Additional Toilet Features To Consider

Some people don’t have much of a preference when it comes to toilets. As long the toilet flushes, what more is there to think about? To answer that question bluntly, there is a lot to consider when it comes to toilets. Here are other important toilet features that are worth thinking about:


  • Water savings: If you have a busy household of family members that get a lot of use out of toilets, you might be surprised to learn how much water you could potentially save with a high-efficiency toilet. Some toilets have a watersense certification that can reduce your water bill significantly. A high-efficiency toilet can completely flush 1.28 gallons of water or less, as opposed to the 1.6 gallons that conventional toilets flush.
  • Dual flush: Toilets that feature dual flush options can also help you save on your water bill. Dual flush toilets let you choose between a partial flush or a full flush, depending on what needs to be flushed.
  • Toilet bowl height: Different people have different preferences for toilet bowl height. Tall individuals will likely prefer a toilet height of 17 inches or 19 inches, while shorter people may be comfortable with a standard bowl that sits at 15 inches high.
  • Rough-in dimensions: The distance from the back wall to the waterline entrance varies in each toilet model. Make sure to ask what the dimensions are before you buy your new toilet.
  • Toilet noise: Some people may not ever notice how loud their toilet is, while others complain about how loud their toilet flushes. If you are someone who prefers a quiet flushing toilet, then this is something to ask about when shopping.
  • Valve: A 3-inch flush valve and higher provide a more powerful thrust and are more efficient at eliminating all of the waste in one flush.


When you are ready to purchase a new toilet, be sure to consider all of its features before just choosing one based on the price. Done-Right Rooter and Plumbing are not only experienced and professional plumbers in Fresno, but we are a team of toilet experts that want to make sure you buy the perfect toilet to suit your needs. We carry the top three best-selling toilets and toilet parts for Toto, American Standard, and Kohler. When you buy a toilet from Done-Right Rooter and Plumbing, it will be installed for free by one of our professional plumbers.


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