Welcome to Done-Right Rooter’s first blog post! We are glad you’re here. Be sure to check in on this page for interesting articles that we find useful enough to share with you and teach you everything you need to know about plumbing! If you are like most people browsing through a plumber’s website, chances are you searching to hire a plumber to fix a plumbing issue. Or, you just have a keen interest in plumbing—which we can appreciate. There are plenty of other issues going on in people’s lives, choosing a quality, master plumber should not be one of them. Done-Right Rooter wants to make that decision easy for you. Here are a few things to look for when hiring a professional plumber:

  1. Licensing and Insurance – California requires a plumber to hold a current plumbing license. If you’re reviewing a plumber’s website and they do not reference their licensure information—it’s best to move on in your search.
  2. Experience – Don’t get us wrong, we all have to start somewhere. However, it is rare that customers will choose a novice plumber over a plumber with 20+ years of experience. In addition to that, if a plumber is advertising themselves as the best, you would expect to see that claim supported by years of experience.
  3. Reviews – What are people saying? These days, society is full of people more than willing to share their opinions—good and bad, especially when it comes to a business. Do yourself a favor and spare a few minutes to read over some reviews. Doing so, will most certainly narrow down your options. Meanwhile, compare your reviews to any referrals your friends and family members might suggest!
  4. Quotes/Bids – Most plumbers won’t list their prices on their website, or provide you a quote over the phone based solely on a brief description of the issue. Although this may be frustrating to some, you have to understand that not every job is the same. And a reputable plumber knows this. The first step to obtaining a quote is to request service at your home and allow the professionals to see the problem in-person, and ask for the quote in writing. Depending on your patience and the status of your plumbing issue, you have the freedom to repeat this process with another plumber and compare the bids. The old saying, “You get what you pay for”, certainly comes into play here as well.
  5. Guarantees – Keep in mind that when you are hiring a plumber, you are allowing someone into your home to resolve a situation that you are not an expert in. Don’t allow yourself to get taken advantage of. Not only are you expecting your issue to be resolved, you expect it to be done correctly. It is very important to inquire about the plumber’s promise to you! You will want to hire someone that stands behind their work and provides peace of mind that they’ve resolved your plumbing issue. This altso gives you an understanding of what kind of company values they have.

We understand it can be extremely overwhelming to find a trustworthy plumber to handle projects like minor faucet leaks to repairing a broken hot water heater. But if you’ve gotten anything out of this blog, walk away knowing that Done-Right Rooter and Plumbing™ will do it right and make it easy to select a quality plumber for all of your residential needs. Done-Right Rooter and Plumbing™ takes pride in our responsive and professional plumbers, quality performance and guaranteed results. Look no further, and contact us today! Done-Right Rooter and Plumbing will be at your doorstep in no time to resolve all of your plumbing needs!