Do your drains appear to be clogged, or is the water backing up in the sink or tub a little more each time you use them? Or perhaps your sink, toilet, tub, laundry, or outdoor drain simply isn’t draining at all and is starting to give off a strange, unpleasant smell. Put down the Drano and let a professional fix your drainage problem once and for all. Done Right Rooter and Plumbing are your Top Rated Local® experts in kitchen, bathroom, laundry, and outdoor drain cleaning.

Kitchen, Bathroom, and Laundry Room Drain Cleaning

If you think about all of the things that are poured down your kitchen sink drain – greases, soaps, fats, detergents, the occasional food scrap – it’s no surprise that it will become clogged over time. The same goes for bathroom sinks, tubs, toilets, and laundry rooms; from toothpaste to toilet paper, we expect a lot of our drainage systems, and sometimes they just need a little tender loving care. All of these substances can build up on the inner walls of the pipes and eventually cause blockage. A professional drain cleaner can use an assortment of tools to clear blockages, clean out the pipes, and get your drains back to operating at their very best.

Outdoor Drain Cleaning

Equally as important as indoor drainage systems, outdoor drains connect to the city’s sewer system and work to channel water away from the house, which helps to avoid flooding. These can sometimes be clogged with leaves and other debris. Backups can lead to standing water in your yard, which can attract several different problems. Call a professional right away – we can remove the blockage, assess any damage, and make any necessary repairs.

Keep your drains flowing freely – call today for emergency service or to schedule your free estimate!