What is the advantage of hiring a licensed plumbing contractor?

A license proves that plumber is competent and experienced.  It does not mean his quality of work is good.  It just means he worked under a licensed plumber for four years and passed the state of California’s exam to be a licensed plumbing contractor. Yes, Done Right Rooter and Plumbing has a C-36 State Plumbing Contractors License. See our policy and procedure statement. Does every contractor carry insurance bond, and what does the insurance cover? In addition to being licensed plumbing contractor, the licensed Plumber must carry an insurance bond.  It’s a “Performance Bond.”  Most contractors only know it a being called, “a Bond.” This bond can be called upon to complete the work if the contractor walks away from the job without completing it.  Example, a house was being re-piped, and half way through job, the contractor walked off the job for whatever reason, or the contractor dies from a heart attack.  The bond will cover the cost to complete the job.  Incidentally, is cost about $65 a year for a contractor to have a bond posted.  It must be paid for up front before the contractor can get his license renewed.

Yes, Done Right Rooter and Plumbing carries an insurance bond. The contractor’s board mandates and monitors the contractor’s insurance bond. See our policy and procedure statement.

Do plumbing contractors carry additional insurance?

Some do carry additional insurance, and some don’t.  If the contractor does carry extra insurance, it’s called “liability Insurance.”  It’s totally up to the contractor if he is going to carry liability insurance.  It is not required by any state or federal law for a contractor to carry extra insurance. It’s best explained in this example how the insurance is used. A new shut off valve was installed under the sink.  The contractor had given the customer a 30 day warranty. Within the 30 day warranty period, the customer came home from work one evening and found the bathroom cabinet, drywall, floor and hallway was heavily damaged with water.   The cabinet, 12” up from the floor the drywall, and the flooring needs to be replaced. Apparently the shut off valve had slipped off the copper pipe.  Now, it is up to the contractor to either pay out of his own pocket the cost to repair the damage, or he can use his liability insurance to pay for the damage.  However, if he does have the insurance company pay for the damages, he knows he is going to pay a much higher premium payments every month once the repairs are made.  The Insurance bond will not pay for the damages because the bond is only a performance bond.  Incidentally, it cost about $700 a month to carry $2,000,000 worth of liability insurance.  That’s $700 x 12 month = $8,400.  As you can see, it is very important that your contractor carry liability insurance.

Yes, Done Right Rooter and Plumbing does carry $2,000,000 liability insurance. 

How long have you been in business and what are your specialties?

Since 2012, we have been in business for over 4 years.  Our specialties are residential and commercial.

Do you have any references?

As stated before, a plumber who is license proves that he is competent and experienced.  It does not mean his quality of work is good.  Look for references and find out how many satisfied customers have published testimonials and recommendations before calling the plumber you’ thinking of using. A good plumber typically has a minimum of three to five quality references from clients that can personally vouch for his work. 

Done Right Rooter and Plumbing has over 130 reviews between on YP.com and yelp. We have a lot of 5-star reviews, and less than 8 bad reviews. That’s very good! See our policy and procedure statement.

Do your trucks carry plumbing parts?

Always ask what’s included in the service fees to avoid getting stuck with hidden costs. Although many plumbers are stocked with the parts they need to fix most plumbing in your home, some jobs may require purchasing parts from a plumbing supply store. Only the most common parts are carried on the trucks.  There is no way a plumber can carry all the parts that are offered at home depot or a plumbing house.  There is not enough room in the van.  Let alone the cost would be over $5,000.  

Yes, Done Right Rooter and Plumbing carries a large inventory in the service trucks.  See our policy and procedure statement under “Plumbing Parts.”

Do you offer warranties?

Most plumbing contractors offer some type of warranty with their work, which means that if the problem reoccurs, the contractor will fix it for free.  However, some companies say no warranty is given if the customer has roots in the sewer line.  They will only tell the customer after the fact.   

Yes, Done Right Rooter and Plumbing gives warranties. See our policy and procedure statement under “Warranty.”

What is your typical response time and do you offer emergency service?

Response time can be crucial in any emergency plumbing situation. You sure don’t want to be stuck with a flooding burst pipe for hours while waiting for your plumber to arrive.  There are two distinct types of plumbing contractors – those that offer 24-hour service work and those that do not make emergency house calls. Always ask for a detailed written estimate from every plumbing contractor you talk to so you can choose the best cost-to-benefit ratio.

Yes, Done Right Rooter and Plumbing does provide emergency services. However, due to the recession, we only provide emergency service from 8:00 – 4:00.  It is too costly to have a technician on call after 4:00.  We use to do 24 hours, but the call volume dropped off due to the rescission. See our policy and procedure statement under “Emergency Service Calls.”

Do you provide free estimates?

Some provide estimates over the phone, and some provide estimates when they show up.  Be very leery about estimates over the phone.  Some companies charge for an estimate and will credit that fee towards the job.  Reason being is the plumber does not know if the customer has called 5 other plumber plus some plumbers off Craig’s list to get estimates, which by the way do not carry labiality insurance.  The plumber’s time needs to be covered.  Plumbing companies can go out of business just giving free estimates all day, especially in this economy. 

Yes, Done Right Rooter and Plumbing does provide free estimates.  See our policy and procedure statement under “Estimates.”

Are your plumbing Technicians experienced?

Believe it or not, it is very hard for plumbing companies to find experienced plumbing technicians. Some companies have a revolving door.  Either the technician got his own contractor’s license and wants to start his own plumbing company, or their performance was not that good, or they got caught doing plumbing on the side which is a legal crime.  It’s considered stealing from the company. Which leads some companies to advertise for experienced plumber… however they only get people applying with no experience?  Here is how this works for new technicians.  The company assigns the new technician with another experienced technician to go from call to call in the van for about four weeks.  Each week for one or two days, the new technician has to watch videos on how to sell high, and how to convince the customer to agree to the high price.  This is called. “pressure selling.”  In addition, if the experience technician never got a call for example to replace a garbage disposal, the new technician will not know how to do it.  They are on their own if they ever get a call for a garbage disposal repair or replacement.

Done Right Rooter and Plumbing can’t afford to hire anything else but experienced plumbing technicians. In addition, we have technicians that specialize in different type of plumbing.  For example, one technician does nothing but water heater repairs and installation, and nothing else. Why? We want him to be a master in what he does, not a jack of all trades.  Same with drain cleaning, we have technicians that just do drain cleaning, and others that just do plumbing.  They are a master in what they do.  It’s call, “Done Right!” This is our business philosophy of Done-Right Rooter and Plumbing. We are a master in what we do.

In regards to selling, we have a price book, and the technicians know to stick to it.  If we find the technician is pressure selling, over selling, or pressuring the customer to repair something that is not needed, that technician is terminated, period!  This does not give us return business when technicians do this. Return business is cheaper than advertising. We have a great team of technicians which include experience and integrity. We feel very lucky, and much honored to have these men that work for Done-Right.

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